Metro Ports Introduces Cleaner Locomotive Engine in Long Beach

Posted February 1, 2021

LONG BEACH, CA, February 1, 2021 – Metro Ports, a nationwide leader in stevedoring services, announced today another step in its ongoing commitment to environmental excellence by purchasing a second, ultra-low emissions (“Tier 4”) locomotive engine for its Pier “G” operations at the Port of Long Beach.

The first unit, produced by “National Railway Equipment Company”, was purchased when the technology was still considered experimental. With their recent $1.2M investment, Metro Ports expects to reduce air emissions such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter (PM) and reactive organic gas (ROG) by over 4.5 tons over the next 15 years. This represents a significant improvement in air quality emissions over the local industry standard of currently operating Tier 2 equipment. The "Tier" number is a classification assigned to operating equipment by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”), with a higher tier being assigned to cleaner-burning equipment with lower emissions. These improvements are not required by regulatory agencies but a voluntary, proactive step to lead the charge in environmental stewardship.

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Metro Ports enters Green Marine environmental certification program

Posted March 03, 2020

Burns Harbor, Indiana, March 3, 2020 – Great Lakes Stevedoring DBA Metro Ports has become a Green Marine participant by enrolling its Ports of Indiana-Burns Harbor’s terminal into program. Green Marine is the leading environmental certification program for North America’s maritime transportation industry. The voluntary initiative strives to surpass regulatory requirements in measurable ways.

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Port of Stockton Reports First Wood Pellet Shipment

Posted January 08, 2020

The Port of Stockton announced that the first wood pellet shipment from the Port was successfully loaded to the M/V Global Serenity in December. National Carbon Technologies shipped the pellets from Michigan and they were loaded by Metro Ports. The shipment was roughly 2,000 M/Ts of torrefied wood pellets destined for Japan as a trial shipment . . .

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Nautilus Appoints New Vice President of Environmental, Health & Safety

Posted Jun 7, 2019

Nautilus International Holding Corp. has announced the appointment of Greg Barker as the new vice president of environmental, health & safety. In his role, Barker will work in partnership with the operations groups and organizational leadership to develop a safety program . . .

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Metro Ports Promotes Vice President of Operations

Posted Oct 15, 2018

Metro Ports Promotes Vice President of Operations; East Coast, Gulf Coast and Great Lakes Regions Nautilus has announced the Promotion of Dave Parrott as Vice President of Operations In this position, Dave will assume a more strategic role in charting the future of our terminals in ..

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Nautilus Appoints New Chief Commercial Officer

Posted Oct 07, 2018

Nautilus International Holding Corp. Appoints New Chief Commercial Officer Nautilus International Holding Corp.has appointed Brian J. Johnson as its new chief commercial officer. As CCO, Johnson will concentrate his efforts on the global commercial strategy of all Nautilus International ..

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Metro Ports Appoints New President

Posted Oct 01, 2018

Metro Ports Appoints New President Nautilus has announced the appointment of Robert Dickey asNautilus new president. In his role as president, Dickey will have oversight responsibility for allNautilus operations domestic and internationally.Nautilus companies include ..

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Nautilus Appoints New President and CEO

Posted Oct 01, 2018

Nautilus Appoints New President and CEO Nautilus International Holding Corp. has appointed Robert B. Owens to succeed James R. Callahan as president and CEO. Callahan will remain as chairman. In his role as president and CEO, Owens will oversee all functions of the variou ..

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